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Gallery of Japanese contemporary ceramic art

I would like to introduce you Japanese ceramic artists' sincere work that will enhance your delight in daily life.

The nature in Japan is beautiful and blessing in every season. We can enjoy rich and gorgeous foods on time. And our table wares are carriers of those nourishing materials for our lives. Each person has his/her own rice bowl and chopsticks to have a meal at home. And when a person passed away, the rice bowl the person used is crushed on the funeral. They let the person to take the vessel to the heaven.
Tea bowls are the most precious and meaningful pieces among them. We are taught to deal them politely. So we always hold tea bowls with our both hands. Tea bowls are personal and the closest vessels.
When a potter is sensitive enough to users, his work becomes not only functional but also very comfortable. A thoughtful artist makes pleasant vessels that bring you a happy and fulfilling time.

For drinking a cup of sake(rice wine) Japanese people use a small cup specially made for sake. This is only a small cup but we can enjoy the taste of the artist's unique character with this tiny piece.

I am planning to hold interesting exhibition every month. Concidering each artist's advantage or each personal quality, carefully selected ten tea bowls and ten sake cups are introduced. Ten tea bowls, ten guinomi cups and one special recomendation will be shown.

Of course we can introduce more items of our artists. I will show them on this web site. Unfortunately I cannot introduce all of our available pieces here. In case you have questions and inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Shizuko Kohara


Shizuko Kohara ..SUJAKU

Graduated from Kyoro University.( Majored in Pharmaceutical sciences. )
Obtained the license of tea-ceremony professor from the Omote Senke.
Finished flower arranging course of IKENOBO.

1984 Married with Yasuhiro Kohara and joined Kohara ceramic company in Shigaraki.
Learned about pottery and ceramic business of whole and retail sales at the company.

Managed Kohara company, a ceramic dealer established in 1920 in Shigaraki.
Opened ceramic gallery "Gallery KOHARA" for the artists in Shigaraki
(Gallery Kohara http://www.gallery-kohara.com)

1998 Joined Gallery Tosei in Kyoto
(Gallery Tosei http://www.gallerytosei.com/english/)

2007 Opened Contemporary ceramic art salon Tosei in Osaka
(Art Salon Tosei http://www.gallerytosei.com/daimaru/index.html Japanese only)

2013 Assisting the opening of Gallery Sokyo in Kyoto, Yuichi Fujita's third gallery.
(SOKYO http://www.gallery-sokyo.jp)
I managed contemporary ceramic galleries for thirty years.
I have introduced the works of more than 500 artists in Japan.
In Kyoto and Osaka more than 60 shows a year at the galleries of Tosei.
We opened the third gallery "Sokyo" in Kyoto in 2013. At first the owner Fujita planned to open antique shop there but it's soon changed to a gallery for a modern abstract ceramic arts.
In 2014 I left Gallery Tosei and I opened my own gallery in Kyoto to introduce my favorite artists' work.


Makoto Hashinori ..GENBU

Born in1960. A buddhist monk in Hirakata city. Professed photogragher.
A maven of Japanese tea bowls. Curating the exhibition in Gansui.

Map of Gansui Gallery

GANSUI Gallery Open on Fri,Sat,Sun,Mon
gallery hours: 12:00 - 19:00
Excel Horikawa 1F
653 Shimotenjin-cho, Kamigyo-ku
Kyoto 602-0074 JAPAN

Gansui is located at the crossing of Horikawa dori(st.) and Kamigoryomae dori.

E-mail: gansui.gallery@gmail.com

Facebook: GANSUI in English
Facebook: Shizuko Kohara

Mainly topics on tea bowls:
Facebook: Black Turtle(GENBU) and Red Phenix(SUJAKU)
Facebook: GANSUI gallery..mainly topics on the tea bowls