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HIRO AJIKI(b.1948-)


Hiro Ajiki(b.1948-) lives in IZUMO city, the main stage of Japanese mythology.

Izumo city is famous as a city of tea ceremony. Mr. Matsudaira Harusato (1751 – 1818) who ruled the Matsue Ddomain in the mid-Edo period was a tea master. He influenced very much and people in Matsue still love to enjoy chanoyu today. Mr. Ajiki enjoys chanoyu very much and he makes mainly tea bowls. He has latitudinous spirits on chanoyu and create various type of tea bowls.


Hiro Ajiki

1948 Born in Shimane pref.

1969 Dropped out from Musashino Art University in Tokyo.
1971-73 Wandered around Europe, Africa and Asia.
1975 Built his studio at Shimane pref.

1981-83 Traveled again to Egypt, Pakistan, India and Nepal
1984 Built semi-underground kiln (anagama) in Hirata, Shimane Prefecture.
Traveled to the United States
2005 Work entered the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
2006 A tea ceremony in Germany
2010 A show at the Luis Barragan House and Museum in Mexicoso
2012 Making tea bowls at Santiniketan
2013 Solo exhibition of tea bowls at Joan Marvis gallery in New York
2013 Tea ceremony “BASARA” at Shinjuku KAKIDEN gallery in Tokyo
"Masterpieces of contemporary tea bowls” at Musée Tomo in Tokyo
2014 “Collaboration with Cactai” at Koubou IKUKO in Okayama
2015 Tea ceremony “Cubisme” at Shinjuku KAKIDEN gallery in Tokyo
2016 Awarded encouragement prize at the Tanabe Museum of Art (BASARA tea bowl)
Solo exhibitions and tea ceremonies in France and in Germany

1987 Grand Prize, Modern Tea Forms Exhibition (Chanoyu zōkei ten),
Tanabe Museum of Art, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture. The annual exhibition, established in 1984, celebrated the fifth anniversary of the museum. The competition is juried by many of Japan's top critics, most prominently by Hayashiya Seizo. Hundreds of works are submitted each year for the six-member jury (again won in 2000 and 2003). This prize-winning teabowl was later acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
1996 Sen Sōshitsu Prize, 4th Tankō Biennial for Tea Ceramics
1998 Encouragement Award, 5th Tankō Biennial for Tea Ceramics
2000 Excellency Award, Tanabe Museum of Art, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture
2003 Encouragement Award at Tanabe Museum of Art, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture

Public Collection:
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore




Tea bowl "A song of SANTINIKETAN"
Hanging Scroll 『驟雨江南』


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