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In 2014 on a clear day of early spring Mr.Nakashima invited me to his atelier.
I was going to hold his exhibition and we talked about the coming show. He showed
me Mr Koie's black tea bowl . Mr.Koie was his good mentor. The black tea bowl Mr.Nakashima solemnly brought and showed looked really beautiful and great. He promised me to outstrip the piece at next firing.

There were many troubles around him. The health condition of his child, the environmental issue at his town, and his mentor, Koie's cancer..... he advanced step by step and he managed to find his way.
After a sharp-elbowed negotiation he and his neighbors won a victory at the fight for preventing the constructing an industrial waste disposal facility which was planned to build at the neighborhood of their village, he pleasantly talked me he was able to start firing his new wood-firing kiln with a safe conscience. He said he was sure to make wonderful pieces this summer. "Kohara-san, please keep your eyes on me! I will do it!" Yes, I am always keeping my eyes on you, Katsunori. I 'll never forget.

Shiro Shimizu's tea bowl


Nakashima Katsunori was born in Seto. Aichi prefecture in 1963.
Having graduated From Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramic High Scool, he went to Mexico in 1986 to teach at Toluca School of Pottery and Porcelain. During his stay in Mexico, he also showed his works in the group exhibition.

Returning to Japan in 1991, he continued to produce the ceramic works at the studio of Ryoji Koie in Kitashitara-gun in the Aichi prefecture. Since the first solo exhibition in 1992, he kept showing new works in 7 or 8 solo exhibitions every year at the galleries in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and the various cities in Japan. 1994 he set up an atelier at his home in Seto city
In 2000 he attended to the Japanese-Korean group exhibition in Seoul, Korea
In 2005 he was invited to the First International Ceramic Symposium held in Australia
then in 2006 , Second International Ceramic Symposium held in Slovakia.


1963 Born ar Seto city in Aichi prefecture
1981 Finished Aichi prefectural SETO highschool for potteries
1983 Finished an advanced course of potteries at the same school
1986 Worked at potter's school at Toluca in Mexico as a lecture
1991 Returned to Japan and worked at Mr. Ryoji Koie's aterlier in Shitara town in Aichi pref.
1994 Moved to Seto city
2009 Moved to an atelier in Shitara where Mr. Goro Suzuki owned.
2014 Passed away in age of 51 years old in July.







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