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"Some works for the exhibition are ready. Come and take a look!"

Kazuo Takiguchi gave me a mail. It is already two weeks before the show.
It is unatural for him to take such a long time to prepair for his show.

The original title of the exhibition was "marble pattern"
We asked him to showing relish in the difference of the crude rough clay and elutriated fine clay. But it was not good enough to criate inspiring work for Takiguchi after all.
Kazuo Takiguchi used two sorts of crude clays and special ash glaze called "ISU-BAI(柞灰:Ash of Distylium acemousum. Lately it is rare and the price is so expensive)"small flat arts of two clude clays. Lots of crackings emerged on the body of the conbined-clay.
Every parts would slough off each other.

He covered fragile bowls with thick glaze.
He burnt the bowls upside-down in the kiln.
Eventualy he could make smooth bowls.

But he found the original collapsing piece was interesting.

He continues making new bowls until the show.
So some works will be differnt from the inventry we made now.

I am looking forward to introducing his new work to you!







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