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TENMOKU with black spots

Manabu Nishibayashi


Usually YUTEKI tenmoku had silver spots on black body.

Nishibayashi used to make this black spotted silver TENMOKU style 20 years ago.

Two months ago Hashinori found the black-spotted bowl at Nishibayashi's atelier. Nishibayashi had made some trial models to remind what he did with TENMOKU glaze before. Hashinori asked Nishibayashi if he could make some black-spotted TENMOKU for the coming exhibition. Eventually Manabu Nishibayashi fired his oil kiln 50 times to get black spotted pieces. The amount he made was almost 1000 bowls. In that way we could get five black-spotted bowls for the show.


"Usually the bubbles of iron glaze burst and silver dots take the place .
But some unbroken bubbles shrink and turned to be black dots. "





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